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BTFP Meetings

Date Location Title M
20-21 July 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia Value Chain Analysis Workshop for the Natural Ingredients, Rattan and Ecotourism Sectors More
27 Oct 2010 Nagoya, Japan Going beyond mitigation: how can private sector drive biodiversity conservation? More
19 Oct 2010 Nagoya, Japan Greening Trade for Biodiversity Conservation - How the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity can be mainstreamed into business activities and value chains More
14 Jul 2010 London, United Kingdom First Joint Meeting of the Advisory Committees for Cosmetics and Fashion Biodiversity Platforms More
13 Jul 2010 London, United Kingdom Parallel Session on Retail, Fashion and Cosmetics at the First Global Business of Biodiversity Symposium More
25 June 2010 Kampala, Uganda Workshop on Value Chain Development in Northern Uganda More
14 Apr 2010 Paris, France In-cosmetics Seminar: Going Beyond natural and organic - How biodiversity is shaping the cosmetics industry More
7 Apr 2010 Geneva, Switzerland BioTrade Potential for Growth and Sustainability More
23 Mar 2010 Doha, Qatar Side event at the COP15 of CITES: Roundtable on businesses, markets and biodiversity - Connecting consumers to the source More
12 Feb 2010 Basel, Switzerland BioTrade Initiative: Commerce durable et conservation de la biodiversité – le futur… More
26-28 October 2009 Panama City, Panama Latin American Seminar on "Sustainable use of Medical Plants and BioTrade" More
11 September 2009 New York, United States of America First meeting of the "Commission for Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Finance and Development" More
25 March 2009 Hanoi, Vietnam BioTrade activities with Natural Ingredients in Vietnam More
6-7 Nov 2008 Johannesburg, South Africa African Technical Workshop on the Impact Assessment System for BioTrade More
26 Feb - 1 March 2007 Quito, Ecuador UNCTAD BioTrade Initiative - BTFP - Andean BioTrade Programme More
12-13 Dec 2006 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil BTFP Regional workshop: Sustainable Trade of Arapaima gigas in the Amazon Region More
14-15 Nov 2006 Geneva, Switzerland UNCTAD MEA Workshop: "Biodiversity and the Global Market Economy" More
16-17 Oct 2006 Hanoi, Vietnam BTFP National Value Chain Analysis Workshop for the natural ingredients sector in Vietnam More
14-15 Sep 2005 Paris, France Informal expert workshop on practical guidelines for equitable sharing of benefits of biological resources in BioTrade activities More
10 Jul 2006 Lima, Peru BTFP Regional workshop: "Discussion on the verification and impact monitoring assessment system for BioTrade activities" More
10 May 2006 Geneva, Switzerland BioTrade Business Roundtable: Responding to the Convention on Biological Diversity in the food, health and cosmetics industries More
4-6 Dec 2005 Isle of Vilm, Germany Workshop on the “International Standard for Sustainable Wild Collection of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Results of the field consultations” (ISSC-MAP) More
1 Dec 2005 Brussels, Belgium Workshop on the revision of the Novel Food Regulation (NFR). Views and experiences regarding traditional foods More
29-30 Nov 2005 Montreal, Canada BioTrade: An Incentive Measure for Sustainable Use and Conservation of Biodiversity" Side event at CBD SBSTTA 11 More
21-22 Nov 2005 Lima, Peru Technical Workshop “The Use of Geographical Indications and Appellations of Origin to Promote Sustainable Development and BioTrade” More